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Howdy, y'all! Are you a member of the furry fandom?
Do you like the laid-back, relaxed atmosphere of the country-side?
Well then this community is for you!

Ranchfurs is a group for furries that one might associate with ranches (ex. herding dogs, sheep, horses, certain barnyard animals, etc) or furries who might consider themself a country boy/girl, as well as for those who just enjoy the scene but may not exactly belong to it (it's okay, city-folk...we won't judge!)


1. Anyone, fursuiters and non-, are welcome so long as you keep an open mind. :)

2. Introduction posts are both allowed and encouraged. :D After all, everyone knows eachother in a small town. ;]

3. Chat can involve anything PG-13 and under, and can be about pretty much anything...from discussing your favorite new country song (woo, Taylor Swift!), to posing in your collie fursuit next to your pick-up truck. We're pretty lax about posts, so long as we think they still relate.

4. Flaming and heated arguments WILL NOT be tolerated. Calm debates are fine, but if it gets too out of hand your post WILL be deleted. No exceptions. Keep it chillaxed.