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February 2010



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Sep. 11th, 2008

Quad YE


Howling a Greeting

Right now I live in a giant big city *shudders* But I'm working towards getting out of it! I'm starting up a rural Wireless ISP company that will be providing high-speed internet access to the customers that can't be reached by the big city providers, and the goal is to provide a comparable level of service.
Fursuit Coyote - "HI!"



Hey there all, my RL name is Cyn but in the fandom I'm known as Coyote or Coyote-Feathers. I'm an outdoors-y girl with a deep love of hiking, sunsets (and sunrises!), bonfires, the beach, and all-things wild. I'm also an artist and writer. My artwork can be found on my FA account here. I've been a member of the therian and furry communities for about seven years now, although I mostly keep to myself and I've yet to attend a furry convention.

I look forward to getting to know you other country girls and boys. :)



Sadly I am NOT from the country, I've lived outside a city (15 minutes from Phily) all my life. I'm a country gal/guy at heart and have recently fell in love with country music though due to the fact I am overly emotional I cannot listen to ungodly mushy songs or sad ones. If I download a CD or get music from friends I have to painstakingly go through all the lyrics to every song. I love Brad Paisley, Trace Adkins and Cowboy Troy. I'm a short 5'1, blond but I'm rather rowdy. I'm a fursuiter and have three fursuits, all made by myself. Hopefully after college I am moving to the west, I want to live in Tennessee but money will be an issue due to the fact my mate will be freshly outta the army and in need of a job so I have a feelin' we will be stuck in Kansas for a bit.

I am a butterwolf, which in itself is its own species but to make things simple I am a wolf/butterfly mix. I'm known for my rainbow markings and claws and what not. Pictures of my fursona can be found on my FA (Skittle).

Recently I have started writing country (http://furaffinity.net/user/rainbowwars) so go check that out if ya want.

Umm.. I got nothin' else to say that I know. So, yea!


Hey. :3

As soon as I saw this community, I had to join.  Every once in a while, I have the need to talk to someone who knows songs outside of the rap genre.  xD

I lived in Texas for ten years, and now I live in a small village in Ohio, so I'd say I belong here.  :3

I'm 15 years old, and I love country and whatnot.  I've got the accent and stuff... you know.  ;D
Let's see... it's kind of interesting, where I live now, because it's so far south in Ohio that I cross a bridge into Kentucky just to go to Wal-Mart.  I can go back and forth between states in only a few minutes.  xD

My fursona is a light copper husky named Bryndle...  I've always had a love for them, and finally living in a place that isn't as hot as Texas (I remember it snowed like... twice, and it was a light frost.  But then there was that time that the roads froze...), I may get to own one someday.  :3


I think I left something out.  D:

Anyway, hi!

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